Skybrook Fitness Center Rules

Maximum Fitness Systems
Featuring Ryan McElhinny

  • Training
  • NEW TRX training with Ryan
  • Sports Endurance
  • Health Coaching
  • Group Classes
  • Boot Camps

 For a CONSULT contact Ryan, he is taking suggestions and available for training sessions NOW.  (704) 813-9147

I have been a professional trainer since 2006 and started Maximum Fitness Systems in 2009. My interest in Sports Science, health and wellness, and fitness began early in my life, being an athlete and continuing as my career in athletics and coaching lasted to the professional ranks. I have a passion for fitness, and helping people.  So personal Training was and is my calling. As a resident of Highland Creek I am extremely excited to serve the Skybrook community.

Together, my team of outstanding trainers, instructors and I are here to help you accomplish your goals, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Ryan McElhinny:  Insured and Certified

BS  Exercise Science                                                                                          ACE Certified Personal Trainer                                                                                IFPA Nutrition Certified                                                                                       IFPA Certified Advanced Personal Trainer                                                            IFPA Post Rehabilitation Specialist                                                                    IFPA Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist

No Guests are allowed in the Gym facilities, you must be a member or hire MFS to use the Gym.