Skybrook Fitness Center Rules

TOPS Fitness Management has come to Skybrook Fitness Center. The team is headed up by owner/founder Philip Ritchy.  His mission is to exceed standard of excellence, by bringing an unparalleled level of innovation to our gym.

  • Fitness Training
  • Sports Endurance
  • Health Coaching

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Philip Ritchy – (704)622-0200tops1

In his role, Philip is an expert in helping busy individuals implement successful wellness programs that improve quality of life, decrease stress, and help them reach the top of their game!

Philip has worked with many prestigious country clubs and sports programs helping members of all ages achieve a number 1 ranking in their sport!

Tops philosophy is to focus on correcting pains and injury to the body as well as strengthening individuals for sport and life.

Our programs allow for your mind and body to be both healthy and strong leading to lives with less stress, better sleep, positive and active time with family as well as friends and living a healthy life.

Philip has a dynamic, energetic training style and vast experience from working with a number of former student athletes who have gone on to obtain college scholarships and play professionally in numerous sports.

Having learned the “tools of the Pro’s” from our athletes, TOPS workouts strive not just for great energy and sweat but also eliminate the daily pains and injuries experienced during exercise programs.

This allows you to not just train like the pros but FEEL like a pro in everything you do!

Tops Fitness is the industry leader in eliminating injuries in the gym, and accelerating your results! It is time to transform your life and challenge yourself everyday to be your best!

For more information on how to get started with Tops Fitness Management in one of our specialized junior or adult, single and group training sessions please call 704.622.0200 or email

Tops Fitness Management’s mission is to exceed the standard of excellence, bringing an unparalleled level of innovation and top performance to every gym.

No Guests are allowed in the Gym facilities, you must be a member or hire Tops Fitness, Phillip Ritchie to use the Gym.