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SWIM TEAM Sign up for the Team until May 5 


Note you must be a member of Skybrook Swim and Racquet Club to participate.

Please click here, or follow the link below to visit our Swim team’s Facebook page..

NEW SKYBROOK STORM TEAM SWIM LESSON This summer, Skybrook Storm coaches will offer swim lessons to any Skybrook Swim and Racquet Club member ages 6 months and up. Lessons are $35 for a 30 minute session and will run for a week at a time. You can sign up for as many weeks as you’d like. Once you register for a week of lessons, a Skybrook Storm coach will contact you to set up a session time. The first week of lessons will be May 28-31 (4 days) and the last week of lessons will be July 29-August 2 (5 days). There will be no lessons offered the week of July 4. To register for lessons, head to the home page and click the REGISTER NOW button in the top right corner of the screen.

LINK for the swim team. 

BONUS UNSCHEDULED OPENING THE POOL STARTING MONDAY 5/20 through FRIDAY 5/24  4-8PM FOR AFTERNOON SWIM DURING PRACTICE THE SLIDE POOL WILL BE OPEN,  Slide may not be open and swim at your own risk in place.  Please monitor any children under 14.

2024 SEASON STARTS MAY 18   More Hours Offered!

Swim Team Starts practice May 13


WEEKENDS ONLY 12-8 pm Saturday (added one hour), 12-7pm Sunday

Memorial Day Monday, May 27 10am-8pm, Party 11:30-1pm

REGULAR HOURS May 28- Aug. 9 (Cabarrus County Schools Out May 22)
M-F 10am-8pm

Saturdays 10am-9pm, Sundays 12noon-8 pm

July 4 Thursday10am-8pm, Party 11:30-1pm
BACK TO SCHOOL August 10-September 2

(Cabarrus County Schools back in session August 13)

Monday – Friday 10am-4pm SAYOR* 4-8pm (Big Slide closed during day *SAYOR)

Saturday 10am-9pm (added one hour)

Sunday 12noon-8pm (added one hour)

Labor Day Monday, September 2 10am-8pm, Party 11:30-1pm (3 guards, 1 down guard))

POST-LABOR DAY WEEKENDS: September 7,8,14,15

WEEKENDS ONLY 10-8 pm Saturday (added 3 hour), 12-7pm Sunday

Swim Team Dates:

Registration April 1-April 26

Start Monday May 13

Home Meets: June 6,18,25 All meets start at 5pm and the Slide pool is still open until 8pm but will be busy.  Features may be off.

ALL POOLS MAY  BE OPERATED Swim at your own risk *SAYOR  Children under 14 are not permitted without parental supervision.

*Pool Hours and Days may change without notice follow us on Facebook we will try post any closings if possible* A working Membership card required for entry.  Otherwise, ID will be required for entry to prove address.

EVENTS:  Social director Melinda has set up many EVENTS FOR THIS YEAR: Send Ideas or food truck contacts to:  skybrookclubsignup@gmail.com

FOOD TRUCKS and Events at the Pool.  More being added! Subject to change often we will post on FB and on-site.

5/18 Ice Therapy 12-4pm

5/25 Hoppers Soul Food TBD

5/27 Memorial Day Pizza Party 11:30-1

6/6 Swim Meet with Food Trucks 5-9pm

6/9 Jeremiahs Ice

6/13 Swim Meet with Food Trucks 5-9pm

6/15 Smashed Patty 11:30-2 Lunch

Movie Night 8-10/10:30pm Itialian Ice

6/22 Smashed Patty 11:30-2 Lunch

6/30 Jeremiahs Ice

7/4 July 4th Pizza Party 11:30-1

8/10 The Hog N Dog Too 12-4 Lunch

9/2 Labor Day Pizza Party 11:30-1

GUESTS: $5 at all times only 2 guests on weekends, up to 4 during the week.

After July 10 you may have 4 on weekends and 6 during the week.

Sorry no residents of Skybrook may be guests they must join.

Accepting ONLY:  Venmo: Tyler Smith user is @Skybrook or skybrookclub@gmail

Zelle skybrookclub@gmail.com name Robert Smith



No Parties on holidays, only one party at a time scheduled (unless splash pool area is open), After August 11 we will only offer small parties after 4pm during the weekdays and anytime on the weekend.  No parties over 20 max.  Only members may have parties (please do not host for others you are then liable), we will book 2 tables in the covered area by the building. We limit parties because we want all members to have a good time at the pool please respect fellow members when throwing a party. Weekend afternoons prior to July 10 are busy, parties will be limited in the afternoons to 20 or less. Thank you.

Check date and time skybrookclubsignup@gmail.com once verified send in the form and pay through Zelle or by check. Guard fees are non-refundable.

Sign up after May 1 to book any party. New Party Form in April.

  1. Please Email Date, Time, Number of Total Guests includes everyone: members, guests and nonswimmersif the date is good:
  2. If party is for 30 which is the MAX we then must request a guard ($35 per hour minimum 3 hours)–once guard is confirmed.
  3. Fill out and email form, Zelle Party fee$.  Party will then be confirmed. Ty Smith at:  skybrookclub@gmail.com

FEE for parties: $50 for 10, $100 for 20, Depending on Guard availability for parties of 20-30 Fee $275 total includes 3 hours additional guard fee, must get an additional guard reserved, not available after Aug. 10, must get guard confirmed first ****ALL PARTIES INCLUDE TOTAL PEOPLE, INCLUDING MEMBERS AND CHAPERONES***

FREE PIZZA PARTIES MEMORIAL, JULY 4 AND LABOR DAY PARTIES: Pizza, Refreshments, fun at the pool!  Members only please.

CONTACTS:SCMG Pool Management

Please see head guard onsite or contact

David Johnson 704-766-2726 djohnson@swimclubmanagement.com

CLICK HERE: Pool Rules